AGM 1888

The annual meeting of the members of this club was held at the headquarters, the Legs of Man Hotel, on Thursday night. Mr. C.A. Cronshaw, president of the club, occupied the chair, and there was a good attendance. On a table in the centre of the room the Wigan Charity Cup, which the team had won this season, was exhibited. - Mr. J.W. Clegg read the report of the committee for the past year, which dealt with the results of the matches that had been played during the past season. The report, which stated that home and home away matches had been arranged with Aspull for next season, as received with satisfaction and adopted.-

The treasurer, Mr. Dixon, then read his report on the financial state of the club. It stated that the loss occasioned by matches not being played owing to frost amounted to £120. He had no summary of accounts to present. The committee had appointed Mr. Samuel Taylor and Mr. John Armstrong to audit the accounts, which would be done within the next ten days, and as soon as the accounts were ready they would be printed, and a copy would be issued to each member, and the financial statement could be discussed at a later meeting.

They had discharged all their liabilities incurred since Christmas, and the indebtedness of the club now was £195.- The report was adopted, and much praise was bestowed upon Mr. Dixon for the manner in which he had filled the office of treasurer. - A hearty vote of thanks was passed to the officers of the club for the services they had rendered during the past season. The next business being the appointment of officers for the ensuing year, Mr. Cronshaw was at once re-elected president, the motion being passed with applause. Mr. H. Mills and Mr. J.F Ashton were re-elected vice-presidents. The appointment of captain of the first team was practically left in the hands of the players, and very readily a proposition was moved that Mr. J. Slevin be again elected to the post. The resolution was passed with prolonged applause. Mr. Slevin having responded, he nominated Mr. J. Hunter as the vice captain, and this motion was also passed very heartily. Mr. J. Mitchinson was appointed captain of the second team and S. Bithell the vice-captain. - A special vote of thanks was passed to Mr. E. Wardle for the services he had rendered to the club as honorary secretary, and he was re-appointed to the position for the ensuing year. A motion that Mr. A. Clements be the hon. secretary was lost by 31 votes to 13. - Mr. Dixon was unanimously re-appointed treasurer of the club, and in responding he said that with a fair amount of luck he had no doubt the club would gain a good position during the coming season.

The appointment of the committee,consisting of ten members, was then proceeded with, papers being handed round to the members for this purpose. Twenty-seven persons were nominated, but three were struck off on account of being appointed ex-officio members, Messrs. Charnock and Hall were appointed scrutineers, and the papers having been marked they were examined, and the result of the ballot was announced by Mr. Charnock as follows: - John Armstrong 52, J. W. Clegg 49, T. Leyland 46, John Saxon 42, W. Millington 41, F. Atkinson 39, W. Marsden 31, S. Taylor 30, R. Johnson 29, and Dr. Parker 29. The foregoing will therefore be the committee. - A vote of thanks was passed to the scrutineers.

The question as to whether the club should enter any cup competition next season was then considered. - Mr. Derbyshire proposed that they should withdraw from the Wigan Cup Competition, but there was no seconder to this motion and it consequently fell to the ground. - A motion was, however, passed that the club should retire from the West Lancashire Cup Competition if the dates that had been left blank for those cup ties could be filled up. - A vote of thanks to the chairman closed the proceedings.

As reported in the Wigan Observer and District Advertiser, Friday, June 1, 1888