Player Portraits

At the time of writing, the Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club have had, according to their Heritage Numbers, 1112 players who have represented the club since the formation of the Northern Union in 1895. Of course, this is disputed as there have been players who have played and not been recorded, A.N. Others, guests, the madness of the War period etc... but as a measuring stick, it is the best we have on offer.

My aim at earlyWIGANrugby is to have a photo of every player that has donned the Cherry and White shirt, even if it was just one match like Augustus Canter (#176) or 774 matches like Jim Sullivan (#287), or even modern day Legends like David Vaealiki (#970).

Photos and pictures have been taken from whatever source I can find. 613/1112 have so far been added and a lot more to be easily sought. Here is a thanks to the following contributors, and apologies if you've helped and your name not here... get in contact:

Andy Grundy; Gary Ormiston; Neil Davies; John White; Neil Jones; Mike Latham; @zogarmy (twitter); Keith Bowen; Wigan World/Ron Hunt; Cherry&White/Bilko