The Wigan Rugby Football Club have had many Great players. The three men atop this page in James Sullivan, Jerry Shea and Johnny Ring are but three. We know the stories of Billy Boston, Eric Ashton, Ellery Hanley, Andy Gregory, Martin Offiah and Trent Barrett - of course we do, we are Wiganers, but what about the lesser known from the earlier times before James Sullivan kicked a ball in anger at Central Park?

The following pages will attempt to highlight the importance of the key players that played for Wigan between 1872 and the War. In their day, they were superstars in the town and further afield within the Lancashire County and within the Great Britain banner. Hopefully we can do these gentlemen justice and if one person can relate to the likes of Joe Miller, Jimmy Leytham and Jim Slevin like we do Offiah and Hanley, then job done!

Heritage Numbers for every recorded Wigan player between 1873-1895 are here. In time, you can find out about their playing days and other relevant information.

A selection of Wigan Examiner interviews from around 1913 and 1914 with old footballers and gentlemen who were around in the 1870s, 80s and 1890s. A great insight into early rugby!

Full list of Wigan players who got awarded with County and other Honours. Including for England, North v South, Lancashire, Glamorganshire and West Lancashire matches all pre-Northern Union