Wigan in Colour

Wigan Rugby has been in existence for 150 years. In that time technology has progressed exponentially since the 1900s. Today we have 4K TV and megapixels. Colour really does bring something to life so here are old photographs concerning Wigan Rugby League club and moments from the past. The black and white photos have been brought back to life. The accuracies of which colours are which may be up for debate elsewhere but in the main we have tried at earlyWiganrugby to be as accurate as possible along with doing the best. Not an expert in computer graphics by any mans but it really does bring out a photograph!

If you'd like an old photo doing send it across to wigan1872@gmail.com and I'll do my best. At least someone is trying eh! Lessons learned with each new photo done. enjoy.

Jim Sullivan, Jerry Shea, Johnny Ring

Three Welshman captured in a brilliant photograph in the 1920s

Billy Boston

Billy Boston holds off four tacklers against Hunslet

Wigan Rugby Football Club - 1885

The Wigan Club with the Wigan Union Charity Cup after defeating Haigh in 1885. Photo taken months later once medals were awarded, possibly before the 1885/86 season.

Charlie Holt, captiai, with his hand on the Trophy.

James Slevin, Captain, Wigan RFC

The immortal Jim Slevin proudly standing by the Wigan Union Charity Cup and West Lacashire and Border Towns Union Trophy

Wigan Rugby Football Club, 1890

Joe Egan

An early try #skincolour

Ken Gee

Another early attempt 5/10

Jim Sullivan

The Greatest of them all

James Leytham

Gentleman Jim

Lew Bradley

Bradley 1911-18

136 tries in 123 appearances

1950 Championship

Mountford, Blan, Silcock, Ward, Nordgren, Large, Broome, Barton, Hudson, Slevin, Roughley, McIntyre & Alty

Ryan, Hilton, Gee, Bradshaw, Egan, Cunlife, Ashcroft and Ratcliffe were absent, representing GB in Australia

Joe Miller

The 'Great' Joe Miller