Heritage QR Trail

A concept which has been in the mind for quite a while, and championed by some of earlyWIGANrugby followers, and more importantly every day Wigan Rugby fans on social media, has been the idea of creating a Heritage Trail to highlight those places in Wigan which are culturally and historically significant to the Wigan Rugby Football Club. The idea is a simple one: using a smartphone, device or simply a map, follow the route around Wigan and learn a bit about relevant sites in the town. When you download the QR code, it takes you to a web page where you read about the location you're at. As easy as that.

Wigan supporter and memorabilia collector Neil Davies shared with me what the Saints Heritage Society have recently accomplished with their own trail around St. Helens and what could be achieved if done well. Although I do not have the resources of other club heritage societies etc, there is no harm in giving it a go.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP OR GET INVOLVED, OR ANYTHING ELSE, SEND ME AN EMAIL TO wigan1872@gmail.com or a Direct Message on Twitter @EarlyWiganRugby

Ideally I'd like a 3D-cartoony map of central Wigan with the points highlighted and dotted trails etc, if anyone can draw well.

At present, we are at a concept stage. Around 30 sites so far have been identified as being significant to the Wigan Club, from pubs, residences, old grounds and even stretches of grass you probably did not know had an impact on the Wigan Club. At the minute, there are emails with Wigan Council as to what can be done and how, etc...

I'm building the relevant pages which are 'offline', the pages where the QR code once scanned takes you to, so all I need from you lot is to fill in this simple form below so that I can do this the best I possibly can (lol):